Film Screenings

In collaboration with Cinedans, we screen a few short films that offer another perspective on ways of leaving the body behind: the mesmerizingly beautiful trance of the Islamic Sufi dancers in Tarikat, the paralyzed body in Slow and Paralysis and the soothing effect of the spinning motion and gravity in Keeping balance.

Karel van Laere: Paralysis & Slow

© Ed Jansen
© Ed Jansen

(PARALYSIS NL 2016, 23 min) & ( SLOW TW 2013, 7 min)

With the short film Slow, filmmaker/performer Karel van Laere explores the fragility of human body. Using an electric hoist he drags himself through the modern landscape of Taipei, Taiwan. He confronts the defenceless human body with the hectic society in a simultaneously dreamlike and light-hearted film. To accompany Slow, we also screen Paralysis, the film documentation of his preliminary research. In order to truly understand what it means to be unable to move Van Laere had him self tied to a tabletop for twenty-four hours. This preliminary research was filmed and, for the final two hours, open for a selected public.

Slow won the 2014 Cinedans Audience Award.

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Jasmijn Schrofer: Tarikat

(NL 2015, 17 min)

This award-winning graduation film by Jasmijn Schrofer is a visual poem of a journey towards enlightenment. Called by a mystic dream, Derya finds herself among souls steeped in the Islamic Sufi tradition. They all join together in hypnotic movements and stirring rhythms, dissolving into an ocean of silence.

Tarikat won the Diorapthe award at Cinedans (2016), the VPRO documentary award (2015) and the KNF award for Best Amsterdam Film Academy film (2015).

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Bernhard Wenger: Keeping Balance

(AT 2015, 5 min)

She spends all her free time in Vienna’s Prater, one of Europe’s largest amusement parks. She has paid enough euros for rides on the Tagada roundabout to buy a used sports car. ‘The Prater is a magnet; it keeps drawing me in. No matter what I’m doing or who I’m with, I end up there,’ says 20-year old Denise. In this short 5-minute film we watch her as she tries to keep her balance on the roundabout. She desperately needs to achieve something and regain her lost confidence. Can the amusement park help her overcome her psychological problems and difficult family past?

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