31 May - 2 June, Amsterdam West
Intensive dance and photography project
Open to everyBody

The STATE OF DANCE is a guided movement workshop given by dance artist Connor Schumacher and photographed by Angela Lidderdale. It is a declaration that all bodies live by the values of dance.

What does the STATE OF DANCE look like?

It looks like a rave.
It looks like a movement.
It looks like a group.
It looks like everyone is doing their own thing.
It looks like dancing.
It looks like being human.

Inside the STATE OF DANCE, participants will practice:

Being human.
Being a social creature.
Being your own sustainable energy source.
Taking space.
Shaping space.
Recognition of metaphor.
The human archive of groove.

The first two workshop days are focused on learning skills that focus on improvisation and interaction. This will lead towards a dance improvisation on the third workshop day, in dialogue with the architecture of the city. The photographer will freeze your movements and the result will be printed on posters that will be spread through the city to show THE STATE OF DANCE.

Who is it for:
Everybody that likes moving or wants to explore his or her body in urban space.

Dates and times:
Fri 31 May: 19.00 – 21.00 Olympia Dance Studios, Amsterdam West.
Sat 1 June: 11.00 – 14.00 Olympia Dance Studios, Amsterdam West.
Sun 2 June: 12.00 – 17.00 On location in Amsterdam West.

What is the damage:
It's €40,- pp

Wanna join? Send us an email at before May 22.

About Connor Schumacher:
Connor Schumacher moved from New York to Rotterdam in 2010. For the past six years he has been working as a dance artist, produced by Dansateliers in Rotterdam, creating performative propositions of many kinds. This has led Connor as a dance artist to work and design projects with different variations of the intersection between public, theater and museum contexts.

This project is part of OFF VENUE, an alternative dance route in the city by WhyNot in collaboration with Julidans on 6 & 7 July. More info here >>