Friday 26 November 2021
De Ruimte, Amsterdam Noord
€19,50 for three courses and 12,50 for all the performances
Reserve via ditditdadaditdit@cafederuimte.nl

As you might know, WhyNot holds office at De Ruimte in Amsterdam Noord. And we always spice up their diner event Ditdit-Dada-Ditdit with some dance & performance art! Next up, on Friday 26 November, we have invited Strange Strangers to present their dance duet 'Into The Blue' that takes a deep dive into stress and insomnia. What is the effect of sleeplessness on our emotional and physical state?

previous editions:

29 October 2021 Robin Nimanong
a solo excerpt from 'Bodyscan 223', a misfit cyberpunk performance in which the dancer uses their queer body as testimony against discriminatory structures in society.

27 December 2019 Margo van de Linde
A performance with elements of talkshow, roleplay, cabaret and live music, seamlessly mixes the scripted with freestyle.

29 November 2019 - a short film by Petri Henriksson & Carlos Vasquez, with improvised dance by Marjolein Vogels and improvised music by Jasper Stadhouders.
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25 October 2019 - Esmee Geerken: On micro-and macroscopic houses
A performance lecture on the evolution of architecture from a geological perspective
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27 September 2019 - Antonia Steffens: An Attendee
A work in progress by SNDO-alumni Antonia Steffens in which she explores different ways of attending. Facebook Event

25 January 2019 - Maxime Abbenhues: Dwarrelen
A performance on the stairs.

28 December 2018 - WhyNot / Klasien van de Zandschulp / James Graves: Ourspace A social choreography through Whatsapp.
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*26 October 2018 - Anastasia Kostner & Jerke van den Braak: New Path
A music and dance improvisation by Anastasia Kostner (dancer) en Jerke van den Braak (composer and software developer) that focuses on the use of algorithms in both rhythms/melodies and motion.
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*31 August 2018 - Martha Warelis & Marjolein Vogels Slow: a first collaboration, an improvized duet.
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*29 May 2018 - Leela May Stokholm Together with a saxophone player, physical & visual theater maker, performer and singer Leela May Stokholm dives into the intuitive playing field of the improvisation with the voice as a bridge to ‘play’ together in concert.
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27 March 2018 - Chronos: The Three Graces (try out) Three female performers will take on and explore poses of paintings from the Renaissance and Baroque period and how this image still controls our discourse today. Traditional portrets but als paintings of women as nymphs - sexualized, mythical figures - form the inspiration.

20 December 2017 - Charlotte Mathiessen: Innocence is kinky A concert of the body, a one-woman-show where dance, text and music come together to create one whole.
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14 November 2017 - Ira Brand: Good girls and where it gets them
WhyNot presents "Good Girls and Where It Gets Them", a piece by DAS Theatre student Ira Brand investigating sexual dominance and submission through the art of conversation.
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19 September 2017 - Leave Body Behind (film screening)
A screening of the short WhyNot dance film Leave Body Behind, that premiered in EYE in March 2017 during Cinedans Festival.
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15 August 2017 - Youri Peters & Marie Khatib-Shahidi : Morning, Mourning
Youri Peters and Marie Khatib-Shahidi are two artist that work together since 2015. In there first piece Morning, Mourning they use the physical states that are connected to emotion and let the audience can experience grief, absence, loneliness and loss.
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11 July 2017 - Valentina Campora: Safe Piece
A film by Valentina Campora in collaboration with musician Andy More and artist/designer Isabelle Vigier. The film is based on videos of improvised performances with her son Elio Chaly Capora Moor in the first three years of his life, and his father Andy Moor.
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18 April 2017 - Jesus de Vega & Michelle N'toumba
Multi-instrumentalist Michelle N'toumba & dancer Jesus De Vega present their exciting interdisciplinary project in which they question what a music/dance concert could be like.
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13 June 2017 - Cherish Menzo & Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu: "A"
The duo examines the similarities, differences and boundaries (if there are any) between the dancer and the musician.
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