Robin Koek (Artefakt) & Lily Kiara

Talk & Live Improvisation

In his career, Robin Koek continuously pursues the interface between dance and sound, and moves in his work between the different contexts. With one leg in installation art, interactive systems and composition and the other leg in the techno scene with worldwide live and dj performances, he is well established in both worlds.

For The Body & Beats, Koek will aim for the synergy between these practices, working from sensory rhythms and improvised movements of a dancer: long-time dancer/choreographer and improvisation master Lily Kiara. In a 20-minute improvisation, Koek and Lily Kiara explore various techniques and angles to create, manipulate and control dance rhythms. Based on body sensors, Kiara's motion is measured and converted to data that realizes rhythmic structures in real-time. The rotation around the axis, accelerations and delays and the heartbeat of the dancer are the musical parameters in this exploratory improvisation that continuously determine the composition and the sound.