Festival WhyNot - Sat 28 Oct - De School
After Movie & Photos
Info, Timetable & Tickets
Dario Tortorelli: D NO BODY #5 - Transcending
Kristin Helgebostad & Laura Marie Rueslåtten: Me Too
Floris Kaayk: The Modular Body (talk)
Andreas Hannes: The Idle Wish
WhyNot x Cinedans: The Ferryman
Coralie Vogelaar: Recognized / Not Recognized
Nicole Beutler / NBprojects: Enter Ghost (excerpt)
Youri Peters & Marie Khatib-Shahidi: Morning, Mourning
Katja Heitmann: Tearing Machine
Concert O.T.T.O.T.T. + Dance impro Lily Kiara
Ongoing Film Program
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