Dario Tortorelli - Study for D NO BODY No 5

D NO BODY is a series of solo performances with the objective of becoming the ideal self through the influence of another. Society makes us attach and transform according to certain believes, creating us the need to become something without knowing or questioning so many times our identity. By becoming what we see, we transform, but what is our identity? In the previous chapters of the D NO BODY series he referred mostly to icons, pop culture, film noir, surrealism, the holy and the sacred. All together being part of the natural build and questioning the identity of the body through the image of another. The body standing and centrally installed as the main subject to embody those evoked images.

Now Dario Tortorelli's desire is to explore new ways of representing an image by abstracting the body. Can we leave the body behind? How would you replace a physical body when it's gone from the visible eye? We often think of how things feel or appear, but can we give to what is primarily visual a taste a smell or a sound?  Dario whishes that when we abstract the body from the visible eye the performance will result as effective as if the body was still present. To research and create this follow up work he has asked the collaboration of other artists that are also busy in creating “ideal” images beyond the physical body: visual artist Annika Kappner, multidisciplinary artist Nikki Hock and pianist/composer Thierry Castel. For this performance, Annika Kappner will join him together with performer and AHK MTD-student Ella van Duijnhoven.

Annika Kappner is a visual artist; through painting she investigates the perception of existing visual and conceptual archetypes and thought patterns in an attempt to bridge the apparent dissociation of spiritual evolution, collective consciousness and scientific progress. Through the use of reflective material she points the focus on light as the basis of our perception and understanding of the world we live in.

Dario Tortorelli is an Italian choreographer based in the Netherlands and founder of DiVEinD - Visual Poetry of Performing Bodies. In his work, Dario is in a constant search to develop the perfect image of a character called ROMEO HEART. As it is his desire to reach this image it is something never to be achieved. It is the leading of the self, physically and mentally, towards a direction in space and time. Transmitting the characteristics of the character into other performers, regardless of their age and background, he evolves ROMEO HEART on the levels of identity, gender and embodiment. Dario uses the body as the main tool, while the inspiration comes from visual art, film and performing arts.